Ireland’s diverse ecosystems and temperate climate nurture a rich tapestry of wildflowers. Discover some iconic blooms that grace the landscape and respect and protect these treasures as you explore Ireland’s countryside, ensuring their beauty thrives for generations.

Bluebell: An iconic springtime spectacle, transforming woodlands with clusters of fragrant blue flowers.

Common Orchid: Delicate pink or purple petals with spotted leaves, thriving in meadows and grasslands.

Foxglove: Towering spikes of bell-shaped flowers grace woodlands, but beware of its toxic nature.

Primrose: Early spring heralds pale yellow blossoms in woodland clearings and by stream banks.

Meadowsweet: Fragrant white clusters with historic medicinal uses, entwined in Irish folklore

Red Clover: A vital pollinator magnet in meadows, its pinkish-red flower heads invite bees and butterflies.

Ragged Robin: Splashes of vibrant pink adorn wetlands, its petals lending a charmingly ragged appearance.

Bog Cotton: A summer spectacle in Ireland’s bogs, tufts of white create a mesmerizing landscape.

Harebell: A delicate blue bellflower adorns rocky terrain, coastal cliffs, and sunny heathlands.

Marsh Marigold: Radiant yellow blooms dot wetlands, providing nectar for early pollinators. 

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