Did you know?

The Gaelic Woodland Project is a volunteer-run charity committed to the creation and protection of native Irish woodlands. Ireland was once 80% forested; only 0.6% of our Old Oak Woodlands remain.


🌳 The Gaelic Woodland Project is on a mission to save Ireland’s native woodlands, but they need your support.


🌿 Ireland was once covered in forests, but now, only 0.6% of our Old Oak Woodlands remain. Shockingly, 30% of these precious woodlands are under threat from Cherry Laurel, an invasive shrub sold in garden centers.


🌱 The seeds of Cherry Laurel, carried by birds, pose the greatest threat to our woodlands. As it grows, it creates a shadow that suffocates native plants.


🚨 Cherry Laurel is classified as a “High-Impact Invasive Species,” yet it’s sold without any warning. The Irish government has even been called to the Court of Justice of the European Union for failing to regulate it.


🌍 The Gaelic Woodland Project is taking action, organizing community-based efforts to remove Cherry Laurel and turn it into biofuel. But they can’t do it alone.


💪 If you care about the future of Irish woodlands, spread the word. If you own a garden shop, consider halting the sale of Cherry Laurel. If you’ve planted it, think about replacing it with native species.

🌳 Together, we can protect our woodlands and preserve biodiversity for future generations. Learn more at gaelicwoodlandproject.com.