Did you know?

Swifts (Apus apus) are captivating aerial acrobats that grace the Irish skies during summer. These slender birds are known for their remarkable flying skills and distinctive calls.



Appearance: Sleek, brown plumage, long curved wings, and a short, forked tail.

Size: Adults are 16-17 cm long with a 38-40 cm wingspan.



Flight: Agile fliers, mostly in the air.

Activity: Most active during early mornings and late evenings.


Migratory Patterns:

Seasonal Presence: Arrive in late April or early May, leave in August or September, migrating from sub-Saharan Africa for breeding.

Nesting: They nest in cavities, often in buildings, showing fidelity to specific locations.


Conservation Concerns:

Threats: Modern construction practices reduce nesting sites, impacting swift populations.

Efforts: Initiatives in Ireland focus on awareness, nest box installation, and swift-friendly building practices.