This Week Midlands 103 looked at the work of the Climate Change Advisory Council (CCAC)

The Climate Change Advisory Council (CCAC) is an independent body that advises governments and policymakers on issues related to climate change.



The CCAC advises governments and policymakers on climate change policies, offering guidance to mitigate and adapt to climate challenges.



The council comprises diverse experts from various fields to provide comprehensive insights into climate issues.



CCAC conducts research, makes policy recommendations, monitors policies’ effectiveness, promotes public awareness, and operates independently for objective assessments.



The council produces reports and publications for informed decision-making and collaboration.



The CCAC’s impact is measured by the influence of its recommendations on policy decisions and the overall progress in addressing climate change.


In summary:

CCAC is an essential global resource, offering guidance for a sustainable and resilient future in the fight against climate change.


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