This factsheet explores key aspects of this relationship, highlighting both challenges and opportunities for sustainable coexistence.

Wind Energy in Ireland:

Crucial for sustainability goals, wind energy in Ireland significantly reduces reliance on fossil fuels.

Biodiversity in Ireland:

Diverse ecosystems support a rich array of plant and animal species, vital for resilience and environmental health.

Impact of Wind Farms on Biodiversity:

Habitat Disruption: Wind farms may alter local habitats, impacting flora and fauna.

Collision Risks: Birds and bats face risks with turbine blades, especially in areas with high avian activity.


Biodiversity Benefits:

Habitat Restoration: Wind farm sites incorporate habitat restoration, enhancing biodiversity.

Green Corridors: Establishing green corridors around wind farms facilitates wildlife movement and migration.


Community Engagement:

Local Participation: Involving communities in planning fosters responsibility and addresses concerns.

Educational Programs: Raising awareness about biodiversity and wind energy’s role garners community support.