Did you know?

Retrofitting your home in Ireland involves making upgrades to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, enhance comfort, and lower energy bills. With the aim of achieving Ireland’s climate targets and transitioning to a low-carbon future, retrofitting initiatives are increasingly encouraged and supported by government schemes and incentives.

Key Benefits of Retrofitting:

Energy Efficiency: Reduces consumption and costs.

Comfort: Enhances insulation, heating, and ventilation.

Carbon Emissions Reduction: Helps combat climate change.

Property Value: Increases property value.

Health Benefits: Improves indoor air quality.

Common Retrofit Measures:

Insulation, Heating Systems, Ventilation, Renewable Energy, Lighting and Water Conservation

Government Support and Incentives:

SEAI Grants, Home Renovation Incentive (HRI), Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme (EEOS) and Low-Cost Finance


Retrofitting improves energy efficiency, comfort, and sustainability in Ireland. Government support and incentives make it an opportune time for retrofit projects.