This week on Ours to Protect we took a look at Green Cleaning.


Did you know?….


Cleaning may not be something we think about as harmful to the environment, but some products contain ingredients that may be causing more problems than we realise.

Water pollution is one potential harmful effect. Cleaning products are often washed down the drain. This can lead to chemicals being washed into bodies of water. If this occurs, it can be extremely harmful to our oceans and marine life, as well as our own health.

Another thing to keep in mind is the effect of microplastics.

A huge number of cleaning products come in plastic bottles, as many products do. One thing we may not think of is the microplastics that come off certain types of sponges.


What can I do?…..


If you are interested why not try and incorporate a few of these tips in your cleaning routine!

Look at the ingredients of products! 

Vinegar can work as an effective surface cleaner substitute. 

If you are looking for something stronger, read ingredients and look out for lactic acid which is naturally occuring, while also killing harmful bacteria and viruses.  

A baking soda and plain vinegar mix can make an effective, safe and cost-effective surface cleaner. 

If plastic is your concern, why not look into a refill shop in your area? This can help reduce your plastic consumption and minimize waste. 


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