This week on Ours to Protect we looked at the benefits of making your own compost for your garden.


Did you know?….


Homemade compost reduces waste going to landfill, saves money, decreases the need for chemical fertilizers and is fantastic for you garden.


Composting is the art of turning organic materials –like vegetable scraps, coffee grounds and garden waste into something extraordinary which works magic beneath the soil surface and breathes life into your garden.  To compost at home also means less waste, chemicals and greenhouse gases.


How can I start?….


If you have the room in your garden you should consider starting your own composting system.


Some important steps are to make sure the compost mix doesn’t get too wet and to allow plenty of time for the magic to happen.


People are often put off composting by the fear of drawing rodents to their garden, but  there are ways to prevent that happening.


Once you have your compost, it’s fantastic for your plants.


There are two courses being run in Tralee over the next two months for people interested in growing their own veg and making their own compost.


You’ll find more detail about the courses on the Transition Kerry Website.


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