This week on Ours to Protect we took a look at what we can do to reduce that waste and our impact on the environment while still having a lovely Christmas.

It’s less than two weeks to Christmas which means shops and supermarkets will be packed as people rush to buy last minute presents, food and drink.


However, all the shopping means a mountain of food and packaging waste every year.


Did you know?……


Last Christmas Ireland generated almost 100,000 tonnes of packaging waste and over 40-million-euro worth of food was thrown out during the festive season alone.

Food waste is a huge problem in Ireland all year round but even more so at Christmas. 


We also need to reduce the amount of clothes we buy, particularly fast fashion


But with a bit of thought and planning there are lots of ways we can make more sustainable choices without sacrificing the festive cheer.


How can I help?….. 


Look out for eco-friendly products, in places like Kerry-run online business Ode to Earth , where you can buy eco-friendly products for you and your home from over 40 Irish businesses.


Learn how to recycle properly. Christmas can generate a lot of waste and learning to dispose of it properly can help. 


Try to shop mindfully and don’t buy more than necessary. 


Try to buy second hand.  


The message about waste and its impact on the environment is getting through to the public.


So to protect our environment buy less, shop locally, buy second hand, recycle packaging and freeze excess food so there’s less waste this Christmas.

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