Did you know?…..

In County Kerry alone –  over 12 million disposable nappies go to landfill every year where they take hundreds of years to decompose.

From birth to potty training each child uses around 6,000 nappies in their lifetime.

In Ireland 1.2 million disposable single use nappies go to landfill every single day along with millions of disposable wipes. Nappies are the third biggest component of domestic waste bins.


How can I help?……

The Cloth Nappy Library Ireland is a volunteer-led organisation which was set up to promote cloth nappies and support parents to move away from disposables.

The Cloth Nappy Incentive Scheme is a project set up by Voice Ireland to support the use of reusable nappies among families with a limited cloth nappy starter kit worth €100.

It was available in Kerry last year. Breda Moriarty, Environmental Awareness Officer with Kerry County Council, says there was positive feedback from families who took part and it may be reintroduced in the future. 

For more information, contact the Cloth Nappy Library Ireland. They also will run free online demonstrations workshops. The next one is on January 20th.


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