Did you know?…..

Tralee Bay is incredibly important for the conservation of a number of species, including angel sharks, skates and rays.

There are a number of project underway in Tralee to promote healthy water systems.

One of the projects underway is the sustainable management of the Tralee Oyster Fisheries Society.

There is also huge efforts made to preserve Eelgrass, a plant that’s hugely important for the

What’s being done?….

Tralee Oyster Fisheries Society is leading the charge with the one of the largest self-reproducing oyster beds in western Europe.

Eelgrass is a vital habitat for a number of species, but it also absorbs carbon and methane faster than rainforests. This hugely important plant is found in Kerry and the efforts being made to preserve it by fishermen are vital. An area has been marked off and an agreement has been made by the co-op to stay out of it.

Angel sharks are another species under threat. The Irish Elasmobranch Group is hoping to help safeguard the species for generations to come with the help of fishers, local communities and passionate individuals

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