Did you know?……

Very often the best thing to protect our environment is to buy less and use less.

 Our lifestyle has changed enormously over the past 60 years.

 We now live in centrally heated homes, most families have two cars, we regularly throw out food because we’ve bought too much and we fly abroad often several times a year.

 But all that luxury is having a huge impact on our environment. It’s easy to believe that the problem of climate change and biodiversity loss is outside of our control and there’s nothing we as individuals can do.


What can we do?…….

 So what easy steps can we all take to reduce our carbon footprint. Mairead Moriarty from Brosna is a Holistic Wellbeing coach.

 Mairead, through her company Roola, regularly does workshops in schools and with men’s and women’s groups.

 Her first piece of advice is simple – use 50% less.

 Mairead also believes we need to cut back on the all the cleaning and beauty products in our home.

 Finally she says we can put pressure on food manufacturers to stop wrapping food in plastic by buying loose fruit and veg rather than pre-packaged produce.

 So the message for today is buy less, use less and avoid plastic packaging. Three easy and free steps to make a difference.


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