Did you know?……

The aim of these events was to create a use for the outdoor space on the campuses that offered staff and students a space to connect with nature. 

The planting of these trees also contributes to the biodiversity on campus. 

The events also included talks on biodiversity and biophilia. 

Biophilia is the innate tendency of humans to seek connections with nature. 


What can we do?…..

Biophilia is said to reduce stress, support immune systems and boost physical and emotional health. 

So incorporating plants and greenery into spaces is not only good for the environment but also for yourself. 

The planting of native trees and shrubs is very good for pollinators and general biodiversity but it is important to recognise that not everywhere should be the place for planting trees. 

Species dense meadows are just as important and learning about meadow management can help people work with what’s already there. 

Remember, tree planting doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be a social activity that might turn out to be a lot of fun! 


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