Did you know?…. 

Deer numbers have risen in recent years which has led to overgrazing of our woodlands, problems for farmers and road safety issues.

There are now three deer species in Kerry, our native Red deer, the Japanese Sika deer and Fallow deer.

The red deer in Killarney National Park are the last surviving indigenous herd of red deer in Ireland.

The Killarney herd has been here since Neolithic times but Padruig O’Sullivan, conservation ranger with Killarney National Park says our red deer were at risk of extinction just 50 years ago. 


What’s being done?…. 

However, the growing deer population has created problems in parts of the county, from increased road accidents, to damage to farmland and overgrazing in the National Park which damages the regeneration of woodlands. 

18 months ago the Government set up the Irish Deer Management Strategy Group to ensure sustainable deer numbers while protecting biodiversity, forestry, agriculture, animal health and road safety.

It’s believed that Kerry may get two deer management units under the new national deer management strategy.


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