Did you know?…. 

According to mywaste.ie, every Irish household is responsible for 117kgs of food waste every year. 


What can I do?….

Shop local. 

Shopping locally not only supports local businesses but it is the most sustainable way to food shop. 

Limiting steps in productions, such as transportation and storage means the product is made more sustainably and can be fresher. 

Buying basic ingredients. 

Having more basic ingredients that can be used in different dishes can help reduce food waste. 

Making use of leftovers is important. If you don’t fancy the same meal two days in a row, freeze it and use it later in the week. 

Start out by tracking your consumption and waste for a few weeks, this will help you gather an idea of the types of food you are buying that may be going to waste. 

The website stopfoodwaste.ie has a downloadable waste recording sheet that can be useful. 


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