This week Radio Nova looked at the ways people can improve the Energy Efficiency of their home.

Did you know…

Some of the most common ways that energy is wasted in the home are:

  1. Leaving the Lights On
  2. Using Incandescent Bulbs 
  3. Leaving Electronics Plugged In
  4. Browsing Your Fridge!
  5. Running the Dishwasher Half-Full


Some very easy steps that can cut back on the waste, and save you money…..

  1. Switch off appliances on standby 
  2. Draught-proof windows and doors 
  3. Turn off lights
  4. Set your washing machine to 30 degree cycle
  5. Avoid the tumble dryer
  6. Spend less time in the shower
  7. Fill your dishwasher
  8. Top up the insulation


Invest in an SEAI assessment of your home to learn more about how to improve your energy efficiency – Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland