How to Improve your home’s BER:

Aim for a B2 rating

When planning energy upgrades to your home, we recommend aiming for a B2 rating. This rating will give you the most energy savings for the money you invest. These types of energy upgrades focus on reducing heat loss and installing an efficient heating system.

Create an energy efficient roadmap

Bundle work for cost efficiencies

It is often more cost effective to install a number of upgrades at once. 

Prioritise your upgrades

  1. Insulate your home
  2. Heating system
  3. Generate / Renewables

Simple measures

If you are not in a position to undertake the more significant works in your home, there are simple measures that you can take to improve your BER.

Regulations and documentation of works

It is important that you retain any details and documentation of works done to your home. These could be certifications, receipts, invoices or specification documents. This information is important for ensuring you receive the most accurate BER for your home after the upgrades. 

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