This week Radio Nova looked at the importance of switching to more eco friendly cleaning products 

6 Easy And Quick Green Cleaning Tips For Every Home

  1. Use multi-purpose products whenever possible

There are some fantastic green cleaning products that can give brilliant results on a multitude of surfaces and fabrics.


  1. Reuse those old toothbrushes

Think twice before ditching old tooth and nail brushes. They can come in very handy when you’re trying to clean awkward areas


  1. Leave the kitchen towel behind

Did you know kitchen towel can’t be recycled? It’s often made of valuable virgin wood pulp, uses masses of toxic chemicals to be bleached and processed and it comes in plastic packaging. Swap to a reusable kitchen towel (yes it exists), that are made from bamboo or other ‘unpaper’ materials, that can be washed and reused many many times.


  1. Invest in Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the must-have multi-purpose ingredients for any green cleaning. For example, you can use it to brighten your toilet bowl. Put a cup of into the toilet bowl and leave for at least an hour. Add the same amount of white vinegar and leave for another while, before flushing. Any nasty stains and discoloration should get washed away.


  1. Reuse plastic bottles

You can keep and reuse old plastic bottles for refills from your zero waste shops or to use for other cleaning refills.


  1. Use plants to get rid of pests

There are some smells insects and small animals can’t stand and a strategic placing of plants can help you get rid of them, without having to turn to chemicals as you’re green cleaning your home. For example, spiders don’t like citronella oil, so add a few drops to any essential oil burners where you have a spider issue.