This week Radio Nova looked at residential Solar Panels


The main advantages of Solar Panels:

  1. Renewable Energy Source


  1. Reduces Your Electricity Bills


  1. Diverse Applications


  1. Low Maintenance Costs


  1. Constant Technological Development


  1. Helps increase property value


  1. Much lower Impact on water pollution than other energy sources


  1. Reduced dependence on traditional energy sources


  1. Easy Accessibility


And keep in mind that there is a grant of up to €2,400 available from the SEAI. Here are the main steps of the process:


  1. Find and appoint a registered SEAI solar PV company
  2. Apply to SEAI for grant offer
  3. Installer applies to ESB Networks
  4. Install solar PV panels
  5. Arrange a post works BER
  6. Company submits evidence of works to SEAI
  7. SEAI process the claim

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