This week Radio Nova looked at the importance of sustainable gardening


So, what is sustainable gardening? 

There’s no official definition, but the idea is to minimize humans’ impact on the earth. Sustainable gardening practices at home include avoiding polluting chemicals in fertilizers and pest control, preserving natural resources, and reducing waste whenever possible. You don’t have to make huge changes immediately if you want to shift to sustainable gardening; even something as simple as using natural weed-killing methods instead of chemicals can help the environment. These sustainable gardening ideas will help you contribute to a happier, healthier planet.


  1. Eliminate Chemical Use
  2. Start A Compost Pile
  3. Conserve Water
  4. Plant Native
  5. Stop Tilling
  6. Reuse & Repurpose
  7. Mulch
  8. Go organic
  9. Use an electric or manual mower
  10. Save seeds to grow the following year