This week we chat with Tyson Sandler – filmmaker and director of the award-winning movie documentary ‘The Last Tourist’. Shining a spotlight on the impact of mass tourism on local communities, wildlife and the environment.  

The Last Tourist works to challenge travellers to rethink their holiday habits. Tyson tells us why this was a documentary he felt compelled to make.  

A lot of companies use “sustainability” or “sustainable travel” to talk about exploring the world in a better way, but we’ve never been ones to follow in others’ footsteps or borrow out-dated ideas. Our commitment to making travel a force for good is different — so we call it G for Good.

It stands for all of the social, environmental, and ethical good we create as a business which helps to fuel community tourism. Which is… you ask? It means our tours are built on meaningful relationships with local communities and directly benefit the people and places we visit. Today, our definition of community tourism means that the communities we positively impact ripples far beyond these destinations, to include our employees, supplier and agent partners, small business owners, customers, social followers, and travellers like you.

G for Good is what makes us, us. With your help, we can make travel the force for good we’ve known it can be since our company was established over three decades ago.

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