On this week’s show we talked with Owen Keogh of Musgraves.

Musgraves are working with retail partners, suppliers and customers to make every community a sustainable community, shifting consumer behaviour by making it easier for shoppers to make sustainable choices and reducing their carbon emissions to reach net zero carbon by 2040.


Did you know?

So far, the carbon reduction achieved across SuperValu and Centra stores is equivalent to planting over 260,000 trees. By the end of 2023, over 26,500 panels will be installed across 63 SuperValu and 36 Centra stores generating the equivalent amount of electricity to power almost 3,500 homes entirely for a year. More than 90 SuperValu stores will have solar panels by the end of 2025.

€27.7m has been invested to date, made up of the fund combined with SuperValu and Centra retailer investment. It is expected the total SuperValu and Centra retailer investment across the whole of Ireland to be approximately €50 million once the fund is complete.

For the 11th consecutive year, the ‘Building Sustainable Communities’ initiative sees selected SuperValu and Centra stores upgrade areas of their operations to ensure a high standard of sustainability and energy efficiency.

23 stores took part in the initiative this year, and the combined energy savings from these stores is 6.3 million KWH, enough to power 861 Irish homes.

The SEAI partnership complements, Musgrave’s overall sustainability strategy and commitment to achieving a 12% carbon reduction target by 2023 and net zero carbon target by 2040.

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