More tips on how to be more sustainable this Christmas:

  1. When it comes to food shopping make sure to  check the fridge, freezer and cupboards in advance so you don’t end up buying what you might already have. That might sound obvious but something we’re all likely to have done.


  1. Make a list and stick to it, only buying what is absolutely needed. 


  1. Consider sharing food not used but still safe to eat with neighbours. Compost anything that remains.


  1. Remember leftover vegetable skins can be used to make a delicious stock.


  1. Don’t forget  reusable bags especially when it comes to gift shopping


  1. Say no to Christmas crackers.  Think about what goes into making these: the foil, cardboard, coloured paper hats, plastic toys etc.


  1. Do Secret Santa and stipulate that the gift must be sustainable.


  1. Make shopping local and sustainable a priority.


  1. Consider an experiential gift. The most impactful presents are often the gift of time e.g. offer to walk someone’s dog, clean their car, cook their favourite meal etc.


  1. Try to limit plastic or foil wrapping as much as possible. Hang a handmade ornament around a bottle of wine for instance as opposed to using a foil bag.


  1. Use gift bags and stipulate that the bag is to reused over and over


  1. Master the elegant Japanese art of Furoshiki for wrapping using a silk scarf or any reusable cloth.


  1. Go battery free as much as possible and encourage children to donate unwanted toys. 


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