With Christmas behind us, we took a look at recycling tips for this time of year:


  1. Any unwanted presents canalways be donated to charity shops or shelters or consider regifting to friends and family throughout the year.  
  2. Most Christmas cards, wrapping paper and gift tags can be put into your household recycling bin. Just be sure to remove any tape or decorations. Tinsel however cannot be recycled so reuse wherever possible 
  3. Electronic waste such as toys, batteries, toys containing batteries and electronics should be recycled at a WEE Ireland recycling drop off or any store which might take them.
  4. Think ahead to next year. Consider a Secret Santa to cut down on presents and gift wrap and encourage family and friends to buy presents from a charity shop or donate money to charity instead 
  5. Review food waste and take an inventory of the food that needed to the thrown out so you can plan accordingly for less waste next Christmas 
  6. Flatten any boxes you don’t need for recycling. Use boxes to pack away Christmas decorations 
  7. Remember to use your bins correctly. If in doubt as to what goes in each bin visit mywaste.ie
  8. Encourage  your children to become involved in the household recycling routine while they are on their school holidays as an educational activity
  9. Dublin City Council is offering a complimentary service for the disposal of Christmas trees at various designated locations from January 6 to to January 24 2024. The collected trees will be recycled to produce compost and wood chips. Visit DublinCityCouncil.ie for more information 


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