Did you know? 

  1. The Transport Research Area (TRA) is being held in the RDS,Dublin, from 15-18 April  2024.
  2. The TRA conference, held every two years in different European cities, will be the 10th edition of TRA.
  3. The conference is being organised by Transport Infrastructure Ireland and partnerson behalf of the Department of Transport and the European Commission. Ministe Eamon Ryan is the TRA President and official host of TRA2024 Dublin.
  4. TRA is the largest transport and mobility conference in Europe and will attract up to 4,000 delegates. The tagline for the conference is Transport Transitions: Advancing Sustainable and Inclusive Mobility .
  5. The themes that are covered over the four days of the conference are:

– Safe and inclusive transport

– Sustainable mobility of people and goods

– Efficient and Resilient systems

– Collaborative digitisation

  1. The objective is to bring together all the different stakeholders in the transport  sector in the same “Arena” – policymakers and strategists, transport providers and operators, industry, researchers and academia. The big issues facing transport and  mobility will be discussed and sustainable solutions to the current and future challenges will be proposed.
  2. All modes will be covered – road, rail, air water – as well as the interactions between  them. The roles of Public Transport and Active Travel will provide a particular focus  for the debate.
  3. Delegates will have access to:

–  Over 950 research papers presented in 12 parallel sessions by eminent

researchers from around the world;

–  Over 60 high-profile speakers at Ministerial and CEO level from Ireland and

around the world;

–    An exhibition showcasing innovations in sustainable transport from industry

and national agencies;

–   Technical Tours demonstrating the best of sustainable mobility in Ireland;


  1. Find more information at the conference website https://traconference.eu/

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