Did you know?

  1. Climate Neutral Dublin 2030 sets out the actions that Dublin City Climate Neutral Dublin 2030 sets out the actions that Dublin City Council is taking to prepare our city and people living here for the known impacts of climate change – flooding, sea level rise, extreme weather events, and drought.

  2. Dublin City Council has set an ambitious plan for the capital to become climate neutral by 2030 by halving its carbon emissions through the scaling up of public transport and active travel  and expanding green areas to tackle air pollution.

  3. The plan has three targets that are interdependent:

 –  A 51% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in line with our National Climate Objective by 2030, while striving for neutrality before 2050 as per Dublin City’s participation in the EU Mission for 100 Climate Neutral and Smart Cities (Net Zero Cities).

–   A Climate Resilient City prepared for the known and unknown impacts of climate change 

–   A Just Transition meaning that the actions we take do not cause harm.


  1. The Vision: A dynamic, sustainable city, that is future-ready, built on thriving, inclusive    neighbourhoods and communities, a strong economy, a vibrant cultural life, and compact, connected growth. 

  2. The Mission: To drive the sustainable development of the City through strong civic leadership and delivery of effective services that promote the well-being and quality-of-life of its citizens and communities.

  3.  The plan also promises to refurbish social housing to make homes warmer and more energy efficient and to do the same for public buildings like the Civic Offices, the Mansion House and City Hall through a regeneration programme.

  4. There will also be decarbonsation zones at Ballymun where there will be nature – based solutions and Ringsend where there will be district heating using excess heat from the incinerator at Poolbeg. 

  5. The plan aims to increase the modal share for sustainable forms of transport such as walking, wheeling, cycling and public transport.

  6. For more information go to www.dublincity.ie

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