On this week’s episode we spoke with Padraig Power from Refurbed.ie

  1. Many people are still unaware of just how harmful new electronic devices are to the environment, the production of which leads to CO₂ emissions and the use of valuable resources
  2. On top of that, when a device is no longer functioning like new, it is often thrown out – leaving unnecessary electronic waste, which can be challenging to safely dispose of.
  3. According to a report by the United Nations, the production of electronic devices accounts for about 50 million tons of electronic waste (e-waste) generated globally each year. By extending the lifespan of these devices through refurbishment and reuse, we can reduce the amount of e-waste generated and conserve natural resources
  4. Furthermore, a study by the European Union found that refurbished laptops have a lower environmental impact compared to new laptops in all impact categories, including resource depletion, global warming potential, and human toxicity. The study concluded that extending the lifespan of laptops through refurbishment and reuse can reduce the environmental impact by up to 60%
  5. Refurbished electronics require less energy for production and have a significantly lower carbon footprint than new devices
  6. Refurbished electronics offer cost effective alternatives to purchasing new devices.
  7. Refurbed is an online marketplace for refurbished electronics and more in Ireland
  8. Their products are up to 40% cheaper than new, more sustainable and are restored by using up to 42 separate steps after which they look and feel brand new.
  9. Their vision is to establish the idea of refurbed across all of Europe and do their part for a more sustainable world

10. Find out more at www.refurbed.ie