1. The island of Barbados has committed to transitioning to be the first 100% green and carbon and carbon neutral island state by 2030. 
  2.   EcoSkyWater is a local company that extracts water from the air in Barbados using a completely solar-powered system. Their work resulted in the cleanest, most sustainable drinking water.  Eco sky water does not need to be refinedlike standard bottled water and the bottles are produced from non-GMO corn
  3. The bottles can be composted, reused over and over, they can even be burned as they have no fossil fuels to emit. 
  4. The water bottles and caps are made from 100% non-GMO plants.
  5. Another arm of this sustainable business is the Eco Lifestyle Lodge in Bathsheba Barbados
  6. This boutique hotel is committed to protecting the environment and supporting guests in enjoying a truly sustainable holiday experience
  7. The hotel is Green Globe certified with an established recycling and composting programme in place. Over 90% of single use plastics have been eliminated.
  8. Water is solar heated, lighting is solar powered, drinks are served in recycled glass with bamboo straws harvested in the garden and all toiletries are organic and eco friendly. 
  9. Furniture and fixtures are made from recycled wood; menu covers are made from local palm leaves and printed on recycled paper.  The owners are in the process of creating one of the only truly farm to table restaurants on the island.
  10. Find out more at www.ecoskywater.com and www.ecolifestylelodge.com