How is the Iveagh Garden a Sustainable Hotel?

  1. We harness power from the river Swan which flows directly underneath the hotel to generate our heating and cooling systems.
  2. The extractor fans in our kitchens are recycled back through the filtration systems to assist with the cooling element of the extractor fans.
  3. The entire hotel is fitted with LED low power lighting and all the bedrooms in the hotel use smart control lighting systems to ensure lighting is off in unoccupied areas.
  4. The traditional power lifts originally in the building were removed and replaced with smart low energy lift systems.
  5. The previously existing plumbing and heating systems that ran on fossil fuel were removed to make way for a new revolutionary system. There is now a natural energy plant room in the hotel that uses electricity produced on site in a gas turbine to eliminate electrical energy loss from grid power. The turbine produces hot water which is supplied throughout the hotel.

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