Radio Kerry – Weekly Episode 33 – Fossa tackles biodiversity loss

This week on Ours to Protect we’re taking a look at efforts by a community group to do what they can at a local level to tackle biodiversity loss and the climate crisis. Last Sunday there was a huge turnout at Fossa Community Hall for their very first Community Sustainability Fair. Sari Houlihan went along […]

Midlands 103 – Weekly Episode 31 – Biodiversity and Wind Farms

Listen back to this weeks episode as Sinead Hubble chats with Elaine Dromey, the in-house ecology specialist in renewable energy and Karina Dennigan the Manager for Powergen Development at Bord na Mona. For more in this series listen in to Midlands 103 every Thursday at 11.20am.

Clare FM – Weekly Episode 25 – Hedgerows

Hedgerows are essential for maintaining wildlife diversity, supporting species such as hedgehogs and birds, innumerable plants, bees, butterflies and other insects. Oonagh O’Dwyer is a food forager, cook, teacher and lover of the outdoors while Noel Leahy’s family always had bees on their farm and now operates Sliabh Aughty Honey. For more in this series […]

Tipp FM – Weekly Episode 17 – Tipp Barn Owl Project

Listen back to this week’s episode as we find out all about the Tipp Barn Owl Project which has been in operation since the early 90’s and was born from a Primary school project that was undertaken by pupils in Ballycahill Primary school. For more in this series listen in to Tipp FM every Monday […]

Midlands 103 – Weekly Tips 21 – The importance of Pollinators

  Pollinator Significance: Ecosystem Role: Bees, butterflies, birds, and bats are essential for plant reproduction and biodiversity. Food Security: Animal pollination supports 75% of global food crops, ensuring diverse diets. Biodiversity Support: Pollinators enhance plant diversity, strengthening ecosystems and wildlife.   Pollinator Challenges: Habitat Loss: Urbanization, agriculture, and deforestation reduce pollinator habitats. Pesticides: Harmful chemicals […]

Live 95 – Weekly Tips 18 – The future of Glyphosate

This week’s episode investigated the chemical glyphosate and the future of its use in the EU.  It is the most common herbicide in the world  and is currently approved for use in the EU until 15 December 2023. Farming organisations in Europe are looking for it to be renewed due to its role in preventing […]

Sunshine 106.8FM – Weekly Tips 20 – Pollinators

  Ours to Protect on Sunshine 106.8 – October 23rd 2023 On this week’s show we talked about pollinators with Kate Chandler from the National Biodiversity Data Centre Here’s some things that you can do to help: Don’t mow, let it grow! Reduce mowing to allow native wildflowers like Dandelions, Clover and Birds-foot Trefoil to […]

Sunshine 106.8FM – Weekly Episode 20 – Pollinators

Listen back to this week’s episode as Carol Dooley chats with Kate Chandler from the National Biodiversity Data Centre about the importance and role of pollinators. For more in this series listen in to Sunshine every Monday at 7pm.