LMFM – Weekly Episode 37 – Failte Ireland Climate Action Programme

On this week’s episode Fáilte Ireland this week unveiled ambitious plans to drive sustainable tourism development across Ireland and support the decarbonisation of tourism businesses. Central to the plans is a new Climate Action Programme, developed in consultation with tourism businesses, which includes the appointment of a dedicated advisor to businesses to help navigate every step […]

LMFM – Weekly Episode 24 – UN Temperature concerns and SEAI Projections Report

Every year the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland produces a national projections report which examines how it believes current government policy on sustainable energy will impact they way we use energy in the future and what that means in terms of our future energy related emissions. The report cautions that the current scale and pace […]

Clare FM – Weekly Episode 20 – Clare County Council Climate Action Plan

Clare County Council has published its Draft Climate Action Plan 2024-2029, as local authorities are required, under the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development (Amendment) Act 2021. The draft plan aims to position County Clare as a national leader in climate action and strengthen the delivery of effective action at local and community levels. Morgan Lahiffe, is […]

Ocean FM – Weekly Tips 18 – The Power to Change

Did you Know? 83% of participants across Irish communities are motivated to take action to address climate change Being part of a community is better for our health – for example, people who are socially isolated are 45 percent more likely to get sick with a common cold Community gardens are a great option for […]

Midlands 103 – Weekly Tips 20 – Westmeath Climate Action Plan

Did you know? The Irish Community Climate Action Program empowers local communities to support national climate goals. Launched in [year], it promotes sustainability, carbon reduction, biodiversity conservation, resilience building, and education:   Empowerment:  Equipping communities with tools and knowledge for local climate action.   Carbon Reduction:  Promoting energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainable transportation.   […]