LMFM – Weekly Tips 18 – Cloth Nappy Library Ireland

There are a number of benefits to using cloth nappies -benefits for baby, parents and our planet! Most people who choose cloth do so for multiple reasons. From birth to potty training most babies will use thousands of disposable nappies, which all end up either incinerated or in landfill, however in comparison just 24 real […]

LMFM – Weekly Episode 18 – Cloth Nappy Library Ireland

The European Union’s flagship environmental policies have delivered results, according to the President of the European Commission.  The EU’s Green Deal aims to cut emissions and improve the environment in exchange for billions of Euro of investment in renewables and green industries.  In a speech in Prague recently, the President of the European Commission, Ursula […]

BEAT – Weekly Tip 2 – Cloth Nappies

  This week Beat 102 103, we looked at cloth nappies as alternative to the regular single-use nappy for babies.  Did you know: It takes over 1,500 litres of crude oil to produce enough nappies for one child (from birth to 2.5 years) and it takes 10 times more water to produce disposable nappies than […]

BEAT – Weekly Episode 2 – Cloth Nappies

Listen back to this weeks episode and hear Aisling explore the idea of ditching the disposable and using a cloth nappy as she chats to Kate Doyle from the nappy library.  For more in this series of environmental programmes listen in to BEAT every Thursday at 8.30pm