Live 95 – Weekly Episode 33 – Urban Green Spaces

This week takes a look at the valuable green spaces throughout Limerick city and the important role they play for the community In land use planning, urban green space is open-space areas reserved for parks and areas of the natural environment.  Recently there was a move to develop the allotment in Baggott Estate, located in […]

Live 95 – Weekly Episode 29 – Limerick Racecourse plans for going Green

The tradition of the Christmas festival at Limerick Racecourse is adapting to become more sustainable. For this week’s episode, Live 95’s Nigel Dugdale visited Limerick Racecourse to discover their plans to create the first “Green Racing Festival” in Ireland this Christmas. For more in this series listen in to Live 95 every Thursday after 11am.

Live 95 – Weekly Episode 32 – Heritage Breeds at Bunratty

This week looks at the extraordinary conservation work happening at Bunratty Castle and Folk Park to promote native Irish animals. Bunratty Castle and Folk Park is a beloved tourist attraction that allows visitors to experience life in 19th century Ireland. The farm has teamed up with conservation societies to preserve some endangered native Irish animal […]

Live 95 – Weekly Episode 31 – Limericks Thrift Trail

Listen back to this week’s episode as Live 95 chat to John Coughlan, Owner of The Edge Vintage Shop and hear his stories about recycling, vintage and second hand clothes in the shop he has run for over 40 years.  For more in this series listen in to Live 95 every Thursday after 11am.

Live 95 – Weekly Episode 30 – The Deposit and Return Scheme

This week’s episode focuses on the Deposit and Return Scheme, a new initiative about to be implemented across Ireland.  It will see a small deposit being added to eligible plastic bottles, aluminium or steel cans. When the empty and undamaged container is returned to a retail outlet, the customer will receive their deposit back.  Aislinn […]

Live 95 – Weekly Episode 28 – Recycling

With Christmas done and dusted, this week’s episode looks at how to sustainably start the new year by recycling unwanted items.  Live 95’s Aislinn Kelly spoke to Pauline McDonagh, Senior Executive Scientist with the Regional Waste Planning Office and Sinead McDonnell of Limerick City and County Council to discover what services are available throughout the […]

Live 95 – Weekly Episode 27 – Bus to Work

Swapping the car for the bus – commuting from County Limerick into the city For this week’s episode, we look at public transport in Limerick City and County and how sustainable it is to reduce your carbon footprint, if you live more rurally.  For more in this series listen in to Live 95 every Thursday […]

Live 95 – Weekly Tips 23 – Helping Birds this Winter

What can I give garden birds?  Fatballs- these are perfect for providing protein and carbohydrates. You can even make your own by melting lard and pouring it onto a mixture of nuts, seeds, fruit and oatmeal. The mixture should have two-thirds ingredients to one-third of lard.  Peanuts – do not use dry roasted or salted […]

Live 95 – Weekly Episode 23 – Helping Birds this Winter

As the evenings close in and the temperatures drop, spare a thought for our native birds. Their natural seed sources are depleted in the winter and their water sources are frozen over. Aislinn spoke to Niall Hatch of Birdwatch Ireland to find out how we can help the birds, and how climate change is impacting […]

Live 95 – Weekly Tips 22 – A focus on renewable energy

What are some of the positives of using renewable energy?  Transitioning to renewable energy allows Ireland to reduce its carbon footprint to help in the global effort of reducing out carbon emissions.   Investing in renewable energy projects stimulates economic growth by creating jobs, attracting investments in the burgeoning green technology sector. Diversifying the energy mix […]