Galway Bay FM – Weekly Tips 33 – Offshore energy development

Did you know… Ireland boasts one of the world’s richest tidal energy resources? The West coast, with its strong tides and deep waters, is particularly well-suited for harnessing this renewable energy source. Ireland’s rugged coastline and wild Atlantic waters create ideal conditions for wave energy generation?  Ireland’s vast offshore territory and constant strong winds holds […]

Highland Radio – Weekly Episode 32 – Fair Seas “The Northwest Atlantic”

This week Highland Radio spoke to Grace Carr, Marine Policy & Research Officer, IWT & Fair Seas about the organisation’s award winning  documentary “Fair Seas: The Atlantic Northwest” that has been selected as a finalist in a world wide film festival.  For more in this series listen in to Highland Radio every Tuesday at 12.30am.

Cork’s Red FM – Weekly Episode 34 – Sea Protected Areas

Listen back to this week’s episode as talk to Fair Seas Campaign Co-ordinator Dr Donal Griffin about Sea Protected Areas in Ireland and across the EU, which protect seabirds, populations and wildlife. For more in this series listen in to Cork’s Red FM every Monday at 8.50pm.

Galway Bay FM – Weekly Episode 30 – Eco-Tourism

This week Galway Bay FM looked at ecotourism with Kirsty Moran, owner and founder of Atlantic Scuba Dive, Ireland’s first solar-powered dive centre. For more in this series listen in to Galway Bay FM every Thursday at 11.30am

Midlands 103 – Weekly Episode 30 – Offshore Energy Ireland

Listen back to this week’s episode as Sinead Hubble chats with Úna Brosnan – Director – Innovative Climate Solutions Limited about the potential for Offshore Energy use in Ireland.  For more in this series listen in to Midlands 103 every Thursday at 11.20am.