BEAT – Weekly Episode 42 – Toy Repair Library

In this episode of Ours to Protect on Beat 102 103, Orla visits the Clonmel Repair Cafe in Co. Tipperary whose motto is “Toss it Away? No way!” and we find out more about their Toy Library. For more in this series listen in to BEAT every Wednesday at 8.25pm.

Live 95 – Weekly Episode 31 – Limericks Thrift Trail

Listen back to this week’s episode as Live 95 chat to John Coughlan, Owner of The Edge Vintage Shop and hear his stories about recycling, vintage and second hand clothes in the shop he has run for over 40 years.  For more in this series listen in to Live 95 every Thursday after 11am.

BEAT – Weekly Tips 31 – Reuse Packaging

Did you know?  Ireland generated 1.2 million tonnes of packaging waste in 2021. Only 28 percent of plastic packaging waste was recycled – a long way off the 2025 EU target of 50 percent. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said Ireland’s overall recycling rate fell from 62 per cent in 2020 to 58 per cent […]

BEAT – Weekly Episode 31 – Reuse Packaging

This week in Ours to Protect, Orla looks at how you can reuse thanks to some independent businesses in the South East. Packaging comes with the products we buy for our homes and businesses. It protects them during transport, keeps them fresh and provides product information. Once the products are unpacked, the packaging become waste. […]

BEAT – Weekly Tips 27 – The Salvage Yard

What is a salvage yard? A salvage yard, scrapyard or junkyard is the location of a business where they either dismantle or store usable products and sell for parts or as a whole. Why are salvage yards good for the environment? Salvage yards are beneficial to the environment because they minimize waste and pollution while […]

BEAT – Weekly Episode 27 – The Salvage Yard

Listen back to this episode as Orla visits a salvage yard on the outskirts of Kilkenny city to see how they are playing their part in environmental action. For more in this series listen in to BEAT every Wednesday at 8.25pm