Classic Hits – Weekly Episode 29 – Recycling

Listen back to this week’s episode as we chat to sustainability expert and best selling author Anne Griffin for her recycling tips and ask the public for their views on recycling.  For more in this series listen in to Classic Hits every Monday at 13.30.

C103 – Weekly Tips 25 – Enterprise Ireland Sustainability

This week C103FM spoke with Alexa Twoomey, Head of Sustainability at EI Did you know?  This week we hear of a new initiative by Enterprise Ireland to help companies on their sustainability journey. Alexa Toomey, Head of Sustainability at EI, tells us what a sustainability plan looks like for a small business and how EI […]

East Coast FM – Weekly Tips 24 – Jobs in Sustainability

In this episode Max speaks with Erlend Christiansen about the route he took towards his job as Off-Shore Licensing Manager with Codling Wind Park.  The demand for sustainability professionals is growing across all sectors. There are many pathways into a career in sustainability.  Qualifications in Engineering and Science along with apprenticeships and trades offer great […]

South East Radio – Weekly Tips 19 – Sustainability at Wexford Arts Centre

This week we went to Wexford Arts Centre to find out about their sustainability strategy and how they implement being sustainable into their every day lives. About Wexford Arts Centre: Based in the historic Cornmarket building was established in 1974. It is the only multi arts centre in Wexford delivering a vibrant arts programme of exhibitions, […]

Highland Radio – Weekly Tips 20 – A Sustainability Passport

  This week Highland Radio spoke to Change Makers Donegal about their Sustainability Passport. Did you know? Change Makers work hard to raise awareness of local and global development issues with adults across County Donegal. They have recently launched their sustainability passport initiative. You can collect five sustainability passports in total under the 5 routes! […]

LMFM – Weekly Episode 22 – Sustainability in Business

This week, we hear about what businesses can do to ensure that ‘sustainability’ is not just a buzzword in their company ideology. Refurbed are a company who use the circular economy as their business template to help reuse parts of electrical goods to then refurbish these goods and sell them on. Padraig Power also tells […]

Clare FM – Weekly Episode 17 – Hotel Doolin

Listen back to this week’s episode as we find out how Hotel Doolin has been leading the way in Green Hospitality in recent years. In September 2019, the business achieved certification confirming it as Ireland’s first carbon neutral hotel. Staff and Management at Hotel Doolin are committed to reducing water, energy and waste as well […]

Live 95 – Weekly Episode 15 – The Grove

This week’s episode is about plant-based diets as we meet a Limerick business that has championed veggie food for years. The Grove Veggie Kitchen on Cecil street is Limerick’s only fully meat-free eatery and it has recently been transformed by an amazing art installation celebrating all things plant based.  Aislinn met Sue Hassett to talk […]

South East Radio – Weekly Episode 7 – The Sustainability Handbook

This week South East Radio looked at a Sustainability Handbook recently launched by Business in the Community Ireland. Joining me on the line to tell us what this is all about is Marian Curry from Business in the Community Ireland. For more in this series listen in to South East Radio every Friday at 10.45am