LMFM – Weekly Episode 50 – Climate Change Turbulence, EPA and Tidy Towns

On this week’s episode: Air turbulence is becoming more prevalent as climate changes, according to an analyst from an airline safety and product rating site. Speaking about the Singapore Airlines flight that made an emergency landing in Bangkok last week after hitting severe turbulence, AirlineRatings’ Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas said that a university research in the […]

Radio Kerry – Weekly Episode 42 – Killarney, a Sustainable destination

This week on Ours to Protect we’re taking a look at plans to make Killarney the most sustainable destination in the country. The proposal was launched at a packed meeting organised by Killarney Chamber of Tourism and Commerce last week. For more in this series listen in to Radio Kerry every Tuesday at 10.45am.

Live 95 – Weekly Episode 35 – The future of Limerick’s railways

This week’s episode looks at trains and the plans to expand Limerick’s rail network.  With projects such as the delivery of the Limerick to Foynes railway line in development, this episode explores why this mode of transport is a sustainable step for the development of Irish transport.  Limerick’s Deputy Brian Leddin, the Green Party’s spokesperson […]