This week Tipp FM looked at: The 100 Million Trees Project to see 100 million Native Irish Trees planted very densely in small areas (from 0.1 to 0.25 acre or 4,356sq ft to 10,890sq ft – equal to one to two basketball courts) all over Ireland within the next 10 years. 

Between 1,000 and 2,500 native trees in those spaces using the Miyawaki method.

They are calling for farmers and homeowners across Tipperary who can offer a site for planting and it’s free for the landowner:

Benefits to using the Miyawaki method in Ireland

  1. 10 times increased carbon sequestration for one tenth of the land needed for normal planting.
  2. 10 times the speed of growth creating a rapid solution to improving biodiversity.
  3. Rapidly improving air quality in the area through the release of oxygen.
  4. Planting unused and fallow ground littered around the Country.
  5. Improved manageability of forest fires due to limited size of planting area.
  6. Retention of land and tree assets in State ownership on State property.
  7. A very fast way to plant trees to mitigate the State paying Carbon fines.
  8. Develop Community involvement and interest in the environment.
  9. Improve land and water quality.
  10. Native Irish Trees mean a more sustainable nursery business  and better control of disease.
  11. An inexpensive way for farmers to create a rapid area of biodiversity and to learn of the benefits

      of planting trees without being tied down to Licencing Rules and Regulations.

Here’s the website if you want to know more !