This week Tipp FM looked at the possibility that climate change could be behind our problems with water.  As thousands of households in Tipperary grapple with rolling boil water notices and outages, one expert believes we never recovered from the drought of 2018 and fears that more problems with water could be
on the way if we don’t conserve supply and be responsible with our usage.

Alison Hyland spoke to Mick Hogan from IAS laboratories who explained water issues are becoming more common and why climate change may be responsible.

Did you know…

A lack of clean water limits economic growth by one-third. There are calls for immediate global, national, and local-level attention to these dangers which face both developed and developing

A key contributor to poor water quality is nitrogen, which, applied as fertilizer in agriculture, eventually enters rivers, lakes and oceans where it transforms into nitrates.
Early exposure of children to nitrates affects their growth and brain development, impacting their health and adult earning potential.

What can be done to reverse this decline?
More responsible water usage from households and the use of rain water barrels to conserve water for gardening in particular.

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