Shop for pre-owned items where possible — it’s the friendliest option on your wallet and the planet. Brick-and-mortar shops like SWOP are convenient if you live close by, but there are many other ways to connect with your local fashion community through social media and apps too.

Depending on where you live, it’s always nice to enjoy some old-fashioned retail therapy. Taking your time to browse shops in-person gives you space to consider what you’re buying, to feel the quality of the garments and try them on.

Beware of the sales! Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean you need it. Sales can be helpful if you’re making a big purchase though — just make sure you’re doing your research and the brand shares your values before you splash your cash. Ask yourself: “Do I need it, or is it just convenient?”

The “30 wears test” is a great way to be considerate about your clothing purchases. Before purchasing a new item of clothing, ask yourself if you’ll wear it 30 times at a minimum. If yes, go ahead! If not (if you’re craving something new for a special event, for example), consider the resale value prior to purchasing.

Take your time. A good tip is to create a ‘to buy’ list that you can revisit over time to differentiate your priorities and your impulses.