Did you know?


* Manure produced by the animals at Bunratty Castle and Folk Park is used in the site’s gardens for the fertilization of plants and flowers
 * An array of biodiversity is essential for healthy ecosystems. Bunratty Folk Park comprises many habitats such as hedgerows, field margins, stone walls, ponds and streams.

* Biodiversity benefits us in 3 main ways

Pollination – Pollinating insects such as bumblebees, solitary bees are vital for the pollination of crops and wildflowers.
Soil health – Earthworms are essential for good soil fertility. Soils are home to over a quarter of living species on earth.
Pest control – Insects and birds can be used as part of an integrated approach to pest management.


* Bunratty Folk Park encourages native Irish woodland which is a haven for biodiversity. Native woodlands support a rich ground flora and fauna in a symbiotic relationship to each other. Native trees such as the oak tree support hundreds of species of animals and insects.

Having a native woodland cover brings many benefits, including: increasing the biodiversity of native plant and animal species; offsetting emissions and provides immense cultural, social and health benefits for the community; and providing a safe haven for people including children to connect with nature.