Wild Irish Farm is a family-run business based in West Clare where caring for the land and using methods that promote healthy soil, biodiversity, and increased carbon storage are the main priorities.


John O’Loughlin uses practices like no-till farming, crop rotation, composting, and cover crops to enhance the fertility of his land.


He also prioritizes humane livestock practices and avoids the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.


John O’Loughlin first explained to Pat Flynn what regenerative farming is.




* John describes regenerative farming as using methods that will leave the land in a better state than when you started.

* Never take from the soil and try bring more life and biodiversity into the area you are working.

* Try no-dig and natural methods on your land. Use chickens to strip and area to the ground. When your grass grows again, it will be very lush.

* Plant trees and bushes where possible to create a wonderful forest for the wildlife.