This week 96FM talked with Virginia O’Gara, founder of MyGoodness and the Cork Urban Soil Project about soil health and closed loop systems 

Did you know… 

A third of the food we buy goes in the bin every year, costing around €700 per person! Compost increases the health of our soil and can create a carbon sink. We rely on soil for 95% of our food but already 1/3 of all soil globally is damaged. The better quality our soil, the better quality our produce. Composting keeps soil healthy which can increase crop production. 

Some Definitions… 

Carbon Sink – a natural environment that can absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Biodigester – a system which biologically digests organic material with or without using oxygen. 

NPK – Stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorous, K for Potassium or Potash. These are the nutrients that are essential for plant growth. Different plants require different ratios. 

Here’s a few resources if you want to know more:

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Follow @UrbanSoilProject to keep up to date with their work and to inquire about the upcoming Compost Club. 

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Here’s a great resource from on how you can start composting. Read more about why soil is important here.