Aislinn met Sue Hassett from The Grove Cafe in Limerick to talk about all things veggie and how attitudes are now changing when it comes to choosing the plant based option. We also learn about the amazing artwork by Navine Dossos inspired by nature that now adorns the restaurant’s tables and walls as part of this year’s Eva International exhibition. 

What are the benefits of a plant based diet? 


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Vegetarian Society: The Vegetarian Society is one of the world’s oldest vegetarian groups. Their website offers resources on vegetarian and vegan diets, including recipes, tips for transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle, and information about the environmental and ethical aspects of vegetarianism.

The 40th EVA International takes place 31 August – 29 October 2023 across venues in Limerick city and beyond. Responding to the theme of citizenship, check out the website for the full list of exhibitions and events happening around Limerick.