Did you know 

Companies may not put time, money, or energy into workplace waste reduction if they believe it’s too inconvenient to establish a program, or that it’s trivial because it doesn’t bring the company money.

However, while reducing waste may not generate revenue in the traditional sense, it will ultimately save your business money.


  1. GO (NEARLY) PAPERLESS – With programs like Google Docs that allows you to write, edit, and collaborate for free online, , it’s easier than ever to eliminate the amount of paper you use in the workplace. Consider adding a “think before you print” message to the bottom of your emails as a friendly reminder.
  2. KEEP A PAPER RECYCLING BIN WITHIN ARM’S REACH – People recycle when it’s convenient. Make it easy for employees to recycle by meeting them where they already are (at their desks) with a bin.
  3. PRINT SMARTER – Sometimes printing is necessary. Save up to 50 percent on paper costs by having employees set their defaults to print double-sided.
  4. PROVIDE REAL DISHES AND SILVERWARE – Instead of spending money on wasteful paper plates, harmful Styrofoam cups, and flimsy plastic utensils, invest in real dishes and silverware for your office café. 
  5. BUY IN BULK – Purchase items like sugar, coffee/tea, snacks, and cleaning supplies in bulk instead of individually packaged to lower the cost per unit and reduce the amount of packaging.
  6. REUSE BINDERS AND FILE FOLDERS – Provide label stickers so employees can write over and reuse binders and file folders.
  7. CREATE A RECYCLING CENTRE – Make a small recycling centre by providing bins to put returnable bottles, non-returnable bottles, and paper.
  8. PROVIDE FILTERED WATER – Install a filtered water tap so employees can pour a glass of water instead of grabbing a disposable plastic water bottle. 
  9. GIVE EMPLOYEES A REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE – Surprise employees with a reusable water bottle with your company’s logo on it. 


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