Radio Kerry – Weekly Episode 35 – Air Quality in Kerry

Air Quality is a hugely important part of our everyday lives. Poor air quality can affect the health, according to the HSE webpage poor air quality has the potential to increase symptoms of those suffering from lung diseases, cause inflammation and worsening of heart and lung disease.   To learn about more about this, we spoke with […]

LMFM – Weekly Episode 31 – Dysons Global Connected Air Quality Data Project

Dyson’s first Global Connected Air Quality Data project examines the indoor air quality data from more than 2.5m connected Dyson air purifiers – with Ireland ranking 23rd on a list of 32 countries for indoor air pollution. This week we hear from Salman Faris – an air quality data scientist, Matt Jenkins – Dyson’s Engineering […]

LMFM – Weekly Tips 17 – Trim Air Quality Project

About the Trim Air Quality Project Objectives Build a highly secure, scalable, open-source, cloud-based data capture and analytics platform Collect and process data from air quality sensors as well as other sources Analyse data collected to extract insights on air quality in and around areas of interest Develop an air quality index for Trim by […]

LMFM – Weekly Tips 16 – Improving Air Quality

What can I do? What’s needed to help improve Ireland’s air quality? What can I do? We can all help improve the quality of the air that we breathe: Reduce Particulate Matter (PM) pollution from home heating: Avoid using solid fuels if you have an alternative cleaner heating system. Change how you heat your home […]