WLR – Weekly Episode 34 – Maintaining Your Washing Machine

As part of the circular economy, it’s important to try and keep things in circulation for as long as possible. To help you prolong the life of your washing machine, reporter Clodagh Walsh talks to Maurice Kiely for advice and practical tips on how to do just that. For more in this series listen in […]

WLR – Weekly Episode 31 – The Deposit Return Scheme

Described as a circular economy initiative a new Deposit Return Scheme will be launched in Waterford on February 1st.  It will see a refundable deposit or levy added to certain plastic, steel, and aluminium drinks containers. Reporter Clodagh Walsh has been finding out all about it… For more in this series listen in to WLR […]

WLR – Weekly Tips 30 – RENEW Enterprises

Renew Enterprises, focusing on repurposing bikes, paints, and wood, is comprehensive and sustainable initiative.    Here are some tips on how to recycle and repurpose these items effectively: Repurposing Bikes: Encourage community members to bring their bikes for repairs, and teach basic maintenance skills.   Bike Art Projects: Collaborate with local artists or schools for […]

WLR – Weekly Episode 30 – RENEW Enterprises

Renew Enterprises is the place to go if you’re looking for anything from bikes, woodwork, kindling, paint recycling and much more. Reporter Clodagh Walsh hears how this social enterprise project in the heart of Waterford is not alone providing employment and retraining but playing its part in the circular economy. For more in this series […]

C103 – Weekly Tips 26 – Cork Clothes Swop

Did you know?  As well as being a time of joy, Christmas is undoubtedly a period of excessive consumerism and waste. In fact, environmentalists have described the holiday season as ‘the world’s greatest annual environmental disaster.’ With fashion accounting for about 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, one way we can try to reduce our […]

Clare FM – Weekly Episode 22 – The Bio Bus

We heard last week about BiOrbic, a national collaboration of researchers, focused on the development of a sustainable, circular bioeconomy. However, despite how important the bioeconomy is to our future, most people haven’t heard of it. BiOrbic is running a national campaign to raise awareness by touring Ireland with their mobile exhibit, the BioBus, which visited Ennis recently. Executive Director […]

Beat – Weekly Tips 19 – Halloween

    In the latest episode of Ours To Protect, Orla and her daughter Hannah meet Joanne Denton from Sew Fun Studios in Wexford Town. Sew Fun Studios, a hub for sewing enthusiasts led by expert Joanne Denton, promotes accessible sewing skills and champions green Halloween costumes through upcycling. This reflects a broader trend of […]

WLR – Episode 20 – Go Green for Halloween

It’s estimated that around 41 million euro is spent on Halloween treats in Ireland, that costumes will use 500 tonnes of plastics this year in Ireland alone. Think of all the plastic and packaging that produces!  We hear from one resident’s association in Abbeyside in Dungarvan who has decided to tackle the problem of once […]