Cork’s Red FM – Weekly Tips 17 – Think before you flush!

  Did You Know: The only thing you should flush down the toilet are the 3 P’s – poo, pee and paper. If you flush other things down the toilet, they don’t break dow. They end up blocking pipes, or ending up as waste in our streams, rivers and beaches which is harmful to the […]

Ocean FM – Weekly Episode 16 – Coastal Erosion

This week on Ours to Protect, Ocean FM looked at protecting our coasts from the impact of sea level rise caused by climate change and chatted to Dr. Salem Gharbia of the EU wide SCORE project on coastal resilience. For more in this series listen in to Ocean FM every Thursday at 10.45am

Cork’s Red FM – Weekly Tips 16 – Clean Coasts

  Did You Know: Clean Coasts are on a mission to make our coasts, rivers and oceans cleaner from litter and waste. They work with over 200 community led groups across Ireland. The two big groups in Cork are Blackrock clean up group and Balynamona. There are two big call to actions at the start […]

Highland Radio – Weekly Episode 4 – Seal Rescue Ireland

Listen Back to this weeks episode as Donna Marie chats to Natalie Barry of Seal Rescue Ireland and what to do if you see a SEAL in trouble off the coast of Ireland For more in this series listen in to Highland Radio every Tuesday at 12.30