East Coast – Weekly Episode 38 – ECO-UNESCO

In this episode, Max speaks with Elaine Nevin, the Managing Director of Eco- Unesco, where she talks about Unesco’s Youth Programme. Eco-Unesco is an environmental educational youth organisation that involves and educates young people on environmental issues.  For more in this series listen in to East Coast FM every Thursday at 8pm.

Galway Bay FM – Weekly Tips 24 – Sustainability in Primary and Secondary Education

Did you know… Sustainability education focuses on addressing topics and breaking down topics like biodiversity, the bioeconomy, the circular economy, the science behind climate change, transport, energy and water pollution. The Galway Youth Climate Assembly aimed to educate students on sustainability and participate in decision-making for climate action policies and to learn about processes and […]

East Coast FM – Weekly Tips 19 – Third Level Environmental Education

This week on Ours to Protect Max visits Cathal Brugha Street to talk about Environmental Education. Pre-Uni Environmental and Biodiversity Studies, Cathal Brugha Campus. Modules include: Ecological Field Methods/Biodiversity and the Natural Environment/ Sustainable Water Management/ Biological Diversity/ Biology/ Team working/ Work Experience/ Permaculture Design/ Statistics. Who might it suit? School Leavers        […]

East Coast FM – Weekly Episode 19 – Third Level Environmental Education

Max finds out how people can learn about environmental issues at third level when he visits Cathal Brugha College. He chats to Environmental and Biodiversity Studies course coordinator Anne O’Brien, as well as students on the course. For more in this series listen in to East Coast FM every Thursday at 8pm.

Live 95 – Weekly Episode 21 – A Solar Powered School

When it comes to saving our planet, one of the most inspiring cohorts of people to meet is young people. Not only is their generation one of the most aware of the impacts of climate change, but they also have the idealism to envision a greener future. One of the best places to cultivate this […]

Galway Bay FM – Weekly Tips 22 – Environmental Education

Did you know… A survey conducted at BT Young Scientist 2023 found that more than half of Irish students say climate change worries or concerns them. 91% believe science and technology can help combat the crisis.  Young women are more likely to rate the crisis as “very serious.”   Why is it important to encourage […]

WLR – Weekly Episode 19 – The Tangled Tuna

Listen back to this week’s episode as Clodagh Walsh finds out about The Tangled Tuna – the story of ghost fishing and how it impacts our oceans.  The story started out as a bed time story for author Richard Shore’s  young daughter Poppy. Richard spoke to reporter Clodagh Walsh about his love for the environment and […]