Midwest Radio – Weekly Tips 25 – Mayo County Council Action

Did you know… Over €24 million euro has been announced in climate action funding for local authorities across Ireland. Mayo county council have received over €600,000 in funding through the national community climate action programme. This money will be filtered down too different organisations throughout the county Why is climate action so important?  Climate action […]

Midwest Radio – Weekly Tips 22 – The power of solar

This week Midwest Radio spoke to Darren Forde Mayo person of the year and David from switch2solar about solar use in different areas. Did you know… Solar Panels can operate with indirect sunlight so the benefits are abundant. On average, homeowners in Ireland save between €200-€400 annually on electricity bills by using solar panels. You […]

Midwest Radio – Weekly Episode 20 – A Sustainable Halloween

This week Midwest Radio spoke to Sharon Cameron from Mayo County Council about ensuring the best ways to make Halloween a sustainable and environmentally celebration. Did you know… ‘trick-or-treating on foot’ reduces carbon emissions and burns calories simultaneously. Pumpkins can be composted to enrich soil, reducing landfill waste and benefiting gardens. Many bat species help […]

Midwest Radio – Weekly Tips 19 – Sustainable Schools

This week Midwest Radio took a trip to St Louis Community School in Kiltimagh to visit their new school library Did you know… The school library in St. Louis secondary school in Kiltimagh is made up of entirely second hand materials The world’s largest school library, in India, boasts over 300,000 books, promoting a love […]

Midwest Radio – Weekly Tips 18 – Beekeeping for diversity

This week Midwest Radio spoke to local farmer and Beekeeper Jude Walsh Did you know… Beekeeping boosts pollination, improving crop yields and supporting biodiversity, making it an eco-friendly and vital practice. Beekeeping helps reduce the need for chemical pesticides in agriculture, promoting a healthier and more sustainable environment. Honeybees can fly up to six miles, […]

Midwest Radio – Weekly Tips 17 – Water for everyone

This week Midwest Radio took a trip to the Killaturley group water site just outside of Swinford Did you know… The group water scheme in Killaturley was set up over 50 years ago, when a famer stumbled upon the source.  They now supply water to most of the town of Swinford. Local group water schemes […]

Midwest Radio – Weekly Episode 5 – The Dark Skies Project

Listen back to this weeks episode as Stephen speaks with Georgia MacMillian the Mayo Dark Skies Development Officer about the Mayo Dark skies project. Hear Georgia explains the ties between the Mayo dark skies & the Wild Nephin National Park and explain what we all can do to go about tackling light pollution. For more in […]